Kolagis: Crafting Exceptional Natural Wines Kolagis, a distinguished marani (winery) with a rich heritage in organic viticulture and natural winemaking, was founded by Nika Jeiranashvili in 1887. For generations, our family has been devoted to the art of crafting natural wines using traditional methods in our century-old Qvevris (traditional clay vessels, amphorae). Our Vineyards and Location Nestled in the village of Kolagi, our vineyards thrive 500 meters above sea level within the Gurjaani micro-zone of Georgia’s renowned Kakheti region. This unique terroir imparts distinct flavors to our grapes, resulting in exceptional wines. Commitment to Natural Winemaking As proud members of the Natural Wine Association, we uphold the Association’s rigorous standards in both our vineyards and marani. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our hands-on approach, as we perform most tasks manually. This meticulous process results in a limited annual production of our exceptional wines. Introducing Our Wines At Kolagis, we take pride in crafting wines that embody the essence of Georgian winemaking — a harmonious blend of tradition, terroir, and passion. Our limited-edition wines are meticulously produced with the following characteristics: Sourced from the Finest Grapes: Our handpicked grapes are grown organically on our estate, ensuring their purity and quality. These grapes thrive in the unique micro-climate of the Kolagi village. Traditional Winemaking Process: After spontaneous fermentation, our wines undergo maceration and aging process in Qvevri. These traditional clay vessels allow the wine to develop complexity and express its true character. The ancient method preserves the authenticity of our wines. Pure and Unadulterated: We are committed to natural winemaking. Our wines are completely devoid of any oenological additives and processing aids. They contain no added sulfites (naturally occurring up to 29 mg/L). What you taste is the unfiltered essence of the grape. Unfiltered: Our wines remain unfiltered, which may result in some sediment. This intentional choice preserves their unique flavors and ensures a genuine experience for wine enthusiasts. Certified by the Natural Wine Association: Kolagis proudly carries the Natural Wine Association’s mark, signifying our adherence to rigorous standards in both our vineyards and marani. Join us on a journey through time and terroir as you savor each sip of Kolagis wine — a testament to our century-old legacy and unwavering commitment to excellence.
Kolagi, Gurjaani region, Georgia

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