Kortavebis Marani

Kortavebis Marani was established in 2013. Our first vintage took place the following year, 2014. Our Marani is located in western Georgia,Kakheti Region in the village of Gremi, an area famous for the Kindzmarauli wine appellation. Our vineyard has an area of two and a half hectares, and all the grape varieties are native to the region. Half a hectare is planted with 35 local grape varieties and the remaining two hectares are planted with Rkatsiteli , Kakhuri Mtsvane, Kisi, Khikhvi, Mtsvivani, Saperavi, Pink Rkatsiteli and Black Rkatsiteli. We also own a small 80 year old vineyard in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, where Chinuri grapes are grown. All our vineyard operations are organic and we try to intervene in the wine-making process as little as possible. We built Marani using old Kakhetian architecture. As such, we use different-sized Qvevris, where each Qvevri is used for both fermentation and storage. We do not filter our wines and only use decantation techniques directly before bottling. The whole wine production cycle is carried out by hand. All our cellar operations coincide with the lunar calendar; pressing, raking, opening the Qvevris and bottling. Although we are a small winery, we currently export to a number of countries, including France, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Ca the Netherlands canada, China, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and the US. This year we are looking to expand into the Taiwanese and Icelandic markets. Our wines can be enjoyed in highly-rated bars and eateries all over the world, including Michelin-star and Nomah restaurant. We have recently added a new label to our range, TAMUNAS Wine , which is made in a non-traditional method, combining grapes from various regions. Our goal is to create quality wines that utilize traditional technology for wine lovers the world over.
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