"Salkhino Ojaleshi" has a list of Georgian wine appellations of origin. Ojaleshi is a Georgian red grape vine variety. It belongs to the group of Samegrelo vine varieties and is a high quality wine variety. Wine "Salkhino Ojaleshi ”is made from the oldest and rarest Ojaleshi grapes, which are cultivated in the village of Salkhino, Martvili Municipality. On the banks of the river Tsachkhuru, this place is historically a microclimate zone for Ojaleshi. Grapes are harvested in November, when sugar content reaches 24%. Ojaleshi wine is characterized by intense color, normal ratio of alcohol and acidity, velvety, harmony and rich varietal aroma As for the red dry wine bottled in my cellar, "Ojaleshi Salkhino", it is a natural wine starting from the bio control of the vine grown from its own vineyard and ending with the installation and bottling of the wine. Produced and bottled in paata lashkhia’s celler Tel. +995 598 45 45 84 E-maill: Facebook: ojaleshi salkhino
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