Samtavisi marani

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Wine-making company “Samtavisi's Marani” was established in Kaspi region, village Samtavisi. The land, where the vineyard is cultivated is called Charmants. It was named based on a historical fact, that by the end of 19 century noblemen of this land invited French vine-growers to select best areas.The French were inspired by it’s beauty, the word “charmant” means beautiful. The 2 hectare vineyard area is located on 700 meters from sea level. The following vine breeds grow well here: Chinuri, Goruli Mtsvane, Buza. The vineyard is treated with pesticide only with contact means. (Copper, Sulphur), excluding all kinds of chemical interventions. The wine is made in high quality non-corrosive vessel, but this year pitcher wine will be added as well. The wine brewing and ageing process is absolutely natural without external interventions. It is poured in bottles unfiltered. “Samtavisi’s Marani” is on sale since 2014.
Village Samtavisi

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