Dimis Ferdobi

Chrelashvili family wine cellar “Dimis Ferdobi” was founded by our great grandfather at the end of the 19th century. We, his descendants still carry on making Georgian traditional wine. The cellar is located in the village of Kveda Dimi, Baghdati district. The name comes from its location, because the vineyard is cultivated on the slope of the village of Dimi. Saturated with solar energy, ripe grapes turn into a wonderful wine in glass and clay vessels. We have several varieties of grapes: “Tsolikouri”, “Tsitska”, “Aladasturi”, “Sevelyani” and “Ojaleshi”. In the near future we plan to grow varieties of “Dzelshavi” and “Mgaloblishvili”. Chrelashvili family wine cellar offers you semi-sweet and dry bio-wines. The new collectable “Tsitskis Tsiali” and “Tsolikouris Tskriali” is a pure pleasure of Georgian supra (feast) and the true charm of “Dimis Ferdobi”.
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