Juso´s Winery

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Juso’s Wine is produced by a family-run small winery which makes natural qvevri wines according to ancient Georgian traditions. Juso’s Winery situated in Kakheti, the renowned wine-making region of Georgia, was built by family members (two brothers) in 2017. Thus, we have revived family’s long-lasting tradition of wine-making and launched production of qvevri wines named after our grandfather Juso – a person who devoted his entire life to high-quality wine production in the Kakheti region. Our predecessor was a well-known wine-maker and wine expert of the Kakheti region who opened a wine factory that distributed bottled wine in Georgia. The factory was shut several years after the collapse of USSR and for two decades our family has pursued wine-making traditions, but just for a personal use. Juso also planted a vineyard for his family which spreads across 5000 km² and now is over 60 years old. The vineyard is located on the territory of Kostaphé, on the banks of Iori and Tvaltkhevi rivers in Sagarejo district. The junction of Iori and Tvaltkhevi rivers provides a unique microclimate to the Kostaphé terroir which is favorable for Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane varieties of grape. Nowadays, Juso’s Winery consists of 17 qvevris with total capacity of 18 tones. It is noteworthy, that our qvevris were hand-crafted by the family in the village Tkemlovana, Imereti region which has a tradition of making artisanal egg-shaped earthenware vessel since 1840 year.
Gulisashvili str. 24

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