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Our company was founded in 2014 and is located in Georgia, Kakheti region, near Sagarejo city, in the vicinity of Ninotsminda village, which the locals have called "Nazvrevi" since ancient times. The name itself indicates that the place has been famous for viticulture since ancient times, and this is what made us decide to plant Georgian aboriginal grape varieties, such as Saferavi, Rkatsiteli, Kakhuri Green, Kisi and Buera. Since 2015, we have actively started cultivating a vineyard on the banks of the Iori River, at an altitude of 700m above sea level. In 2019, our vineyard received the first organic certificate. The vineyard is planted on an area of 2.16 ha. We use only traditional and organic methods and preparations for its maintenance. which can guarantee the quality of the crop. Average yield is 8t/ha. In 2019, we built a cellar on our own territory, adjacent to the vineyard, where the harvest harvested in our vineyard is processed using the traditional Georgian Kakhuri method, which involves pressing, fermenting and planting grapes in vats. The proximity of the cellar and the vineyard in itself ensures the preservation of the quality of the grapes before its processing and later this quality is reflected in the wine. The cellar is equipped with all the appropriate equipment, which ensures that the entire technological process of wine from the vine to the bottle is carried out in our own enterprise. In 2022, the cellar also received a bio-certificate, which allowed us to bottle the wine of the 2021 harvest, which was successfully implemented and is sold in specialized wine bars and stores operating in Georgia. The capacity of the cellar allows us to produce at least 5 types of our organic wine, with a total volume of 15,000 bottles per year, as well as to produce high-quality chacha and other distillates.
Ninotsminda, Sagarejo, Georgia

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