Chona's Marani is the Chonishvili family cellar located in 16, Bakhtrioni str. Telavi.

It owns vineyards in Tsinandali micro-zone, which is specially maintained - no herbicides, pesticides or system solutions are used here. The family has over a century of history in producing natural wine at home. It entered the market as"Chona's Marani".

From planting vines to the bottling of wine is done by the family. Wine-tasting is accompanied by Georgian polyphonic song, which is a part of the family life and naturally flows into the wine.

"Chona's Marani" produces natural wine using traditional Kakhetian technology.

Vineyard: Mtsvane Kakhuri, Rkatsiteli, Saperavi

Address: Telavi, Bakhtrioni st 16

Telephone: +995 599 50 50 06