Iberieli is a family winery run by Zurab Topuridze with 10 ha of vineyards in the Guria Region of West Georgia and 5 ha in the Kakheti Region of East Georgia. The name Iberieli – which was chosen by Zurab’s children – refers to the ancient people in Caucasus who made wine over several thousands of years ago, these people later became Georgians and are believed to be the inventers of Qvevri winemaking. The family’s aim is to reinstate and maintain the authentic tradition of Qvevri wine making in Georgia, producing unique natural wines from native grapes and to set standards and true examples for their counterparts and friends.


Chkhaveri rose, made from variety Chkhaveri, fermented on berries, (skins, seeds).

Chkhaveri amber, (white), made from variety Chkhaveri, only juice fermented.

Saperavi “ioane”, made from variety Saperavi, fermented on little amount of berries (skins, seeds). 

Winery Addresses: 1. Village Vardisubani, Telavi.   2. Village Sakvavistke, Chokhatauri.


Contact Details:

1.      For ordering wines within the country Georgia and for other in-country administrative and logistics matters:  

Mr. George Khuntsaria

email: gogla.khuntsaria@gmail.com;  cell phone:(+995)  599695449.  Languages: Georgian, Russian.

2.      For ordering wines from outside of the country Georgia:   

Mr. Zurab Topuridze

email: zurab@iberieli.com; cell phone: (+995) 599584624.  Languages: Georgian, English, Russian.

3.      For wine tourism and wine fair related matters:  

Ms. Elene Topuridze

email: elene@iberieli.com; cell phone: (+995) 599424141.  Languages: Georgian, English, Russian.