Kobidzeebis Marani

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Davit And Tariel Kobidze`s Marani (family wine-cellar) located in the west part of Georgia-the village of Erketi, which is in the east part of the Guria region in the very beautiful valley of the river Supsa. Erketi is a historic village. We founded “Kobidze’s Marani” and on the place of the old one, built the new Marani. In 2014 we started bottling. All members of our family have been actively involved in both caring for vineyards and the wine prediction process. We give our preference to the natural direction and use organic fertilizations, biological preparations and we refuse to use pesticides and chemical additives. In our collection vineyard, up to 20 old species of Guria are grown. Currently, the volume of our production amounts to up to 5000 bottles. We have the brand name “Dato’s Wine”. Our wines are: 1. Chkhaveri amber-dry 2. Chkhaveri rose-dry 3. Jani Skhilatobani red-dry 4. Aladasturi red-dry 5. Sakmiela-Kamuri white-dry 6. Tsolikauri white-dry
Village Kvemo Erketi

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