Baia's Wine

baia’s wine is a small family winery in the village of obcha, western georgia. baia and her family have been growing grapes and producing wine for over three generations and they are proud to share their wine with the world as wine has always been a big tradition for the older generations of the family. baia is 27 years old and since 2015 she has been producing organic white wines. baia’s sister gvantsa and reading for a masters in agricultural science at university. she started making organic wine in 2015 and now she is producing red wine from otskhanusi sapere and aladasturi grapes. giorgi is the youngest in the family and he is studying enology at the same university to his big sister. all of the wine is made using grapes only grown on their own vineyards in obcha. all the wines are aged in the family wine cellar. three generations of the family work on the vineyard to deliver traditional organic georgian wine.
Village Obcha

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