RAW WINE natural wine exhibition to be held in Berlin for the first time after the pandemic
RAW WINE natural wine exhibition to be held in Berlin for the first time after the pandemic


On November 28 German capital Berlin will host the famous natural wine exhibition titled RAW WINE. This is the biggest exhibition of natural wines, which is visited by winemakers from many different countries of the world. Traditionally, representatives of small Georgian wine cellars will also take part in the exhibition, they will introduce their wines to the experts, wine traders and wine lovers from across the globe. 

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RAW WINE organizers require that the participating wine cellars are either bio certified (for example by Caucascert) or members of Natural Wine Association. Georgian winemakers are going to travel to Berlin with the financial assistance from National Wine Agency. Besides, the Agency has been assisting the winemakers in sending their wines to various international exhibitions for years. 


During the exhibitions, winemakers and main wine buyers – wine importers, restaurants and wine shop owners meet each other. Besides, the winemakers get the opportunity of tasting natural wines from basically all over the world and through that learning about the existing new trends in the world of natural wines.


Berlin’s RAW WINE exhibition is basically going to be the first wine exhibition after the global pandemic started and that gives the winemakers hope that these kinds of events will not be postponed indefinitely in future. Before the pandemic, many Georgian winemakers were preparing for international exhibitions, some of them had actually reserved airline tickets and hotels, but since spring 2020 up until now all exhibitions and festivals have been cancelled. 


In 2022 natural wine exhibitions are planned to be held in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Venice, Verona, Bologna, Milan, Turin, Montreal, Tokyo, Piacenza, Parma, Genoa, London etc.