ZERO COMPROMISE 2024 - Featuring Georgian and International Natural Wines
ZERO COMPROMISE 2024 - Featuring Georgian and International Natural Wines


The natural wine festival ZERO COMPROMISE has long been a pivotal event on Tbilisi’s wine map, eagerly anticipated by not only Georgian but also international wine enthusiasts and those with an interest in viticulture and winemaking.

The festival traditionally takes place at the beginning of May, a crucial time when many winemakers are busy preparing their wines for sale. It is during this period that they most require support to boost both wine sales and awareness of their wineries. Despite the increasing global popularity of Georgian wines, new wineries—regardless of size—must carve out their niche in international markets, given the limited size and self-sufficiency of the Georgian wine market.

This year’s “Zero”, like last year’s, spanned two days (May 9-10), presenting a significant challenge for the festival organizers. Hosting hundreds of guests in the heart of Tbilisi is no small feat—this year’s event took place in the “Artarea” presentation space.

ZERO COMPROMISE was once again organized by the Natural Wine Association, with backing from the National Wine Agency. The festival showcased not only the offerings of over 100 Georgian maranis but also the products of vintners from 25 other countries, underscoring the event’s growth and evolution. Wine aficionados had the opportunity to savor an array of wines, including those from Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Japan, Australia, America, and Germany.

The Natural Wine Association unites wineries that refrain from using any additives in their wines and adhere to organic farming principles. Wines presented at the festival under the Association’s banner are guaranteed to be natural. Member wineries from around the globe participate in wine festivals exclusive to natural wine producers. Consequently, the 25 foreign wine cellars that graced Tbilisi’s ZERO COMPROMISE event were also proponents of natural winemaking.

Wineries at the festival represented various regions of Georgian viticulture and winemaking. Among them, Kakheti was particularly prominent, securing a special and leading position. Following Kakheti, a significant number of winemakers came from Kartli (both Shida and Kvemo Kartli) and Imereti. Newcomer winemakers from Racha, Lechkhumi, Guria, and Samegrelo also joined the festival. It is heartening to see winemaking in parts of Western Georgia, which was previously limited to only one or two natural wine producers, now steadily establishing a presence.

ZERO COMPROMISE was graced by the presence of the chairman of the National Wine Agency, Levan Mekhuzla, who not only sampled the wines but also engaged with journalists, discussing the unique mission of “Zero”.

The festival welcomed particularly distinguished guests. Among them was a 13-member delegation of wine professionals from the American marketing firm Marq Energie Consulting.


The festival’s agenda featured notable speakers. The esteemed American wine writer Alice Feiring conducted a seminar titled “Climate Crisis and Its Impact on Natural Wine”. Spanish sommelier Nuria Renom captivated attendees with her talk, “Feeling Emotion in Wine: From the Vineyard to the Glass.” Sune Rosforth, a Danish importer of Georgian wines, shared insights with those interested in wine exports. Additionally, Georgian wine writer Keto Ninidze introduced her book, “Apocryphal Toasts,” to the festival’s audience.

For the culinary delight of ZERO COMPROMISE guests, special food stations were set up in the “Artarea” courtyard, offering a taste of Georgian and European cuisines.

The festival culminated with a concert on May 10, highlighted by the symbolic cutting of a cake.


Levan Sebiskveradze