ZERO COMPROMISE 2024 - In a New Space
ZERO COMPROMISE 2024 - In a New Space


Natural wine lovers should mark May 9 and 10 on their calendars because, during these two days, the main natural wine festival - ZERO COMPROMISE - will be held in Tbilisi at the “Artarea” space (Dodo Abashidze 10). The name of the festival signifies that no compromise should be allowed in the process of making natural wine. For the second year, the festival will span two days, a decision made due to the unprecedented increase in the number of visitors.

The organizer of ZERO COMPROMISE is traditionally the Natural Wine Association. Only wineries from Georgia that are members of this association, as well as renowned foreign naturalists known to natural wine enthusiasts in their countries, participate in the festival.

The vintners involved in the festival refrain from using systemic drugs, mineral fertilizers, and herbicides in their vineyards. They craft their wines without any industrial additives. Such wines, matured in this manner, are termed “natural wines.” The festival unites aficionados of natural wines that are made using traditional methods.

The Association is generously funded by the National Wine Agency of Georgia to host the festival. The Agency not only facilitates the festival’s execution but also aids the member vintners of the Association in presenting their natural wines at international festivals and exhibitions.

ADJARA COLLECTIVE and VELI are also supporters of ZERO COMPROMISE this year.

About a hundred wine producers from several traditional winemaking regions of Georgia—Kakheti, Kartli, Imereti, Guria, Samegrelo, Racha, and Lechkhumi—participate in the festival. Thus, festival visitors have the opportunity to taste and purchase natural wines made from grape varieties indigenous to these regions.

One of the festival’s objectives is to enhance the recognition of Georgian natural wine and foster its export growth to global markets. Consequently, wine importers, journalists, writers, and other industry professionals from various countries are invited by the organizers to attend the festival annually. This enables representatives of Georgian wineries to present their wines directly to potential buyers.

A specially curated food space will be available for guests at the festival, where Georgian restaurants will offer a selection of delicacies. Traditionally, both one-day and two-day tickets (priced at 30 and 50 GEL, respectively) will be available for purchase. The price of the ticket includes the festival catalog.

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List of Georgian Maranis Participating in the Festival


1. Iberieli, Guria, Kakheti

2. Kobidzeebis Marani, Guria

3. Marani Silovani, Guria

4. Babas Marani, Guria

5. Martvilis Marani, Samegrelo

6. Amiran Vepkhvadze’s Cellar, Imereti

7. Archil Guniava Wine Cellar, Imereti

8. Simonika – Chkheidze wines, Imereti

9. Baghdati Estates, Imereti

10. Gaioz Sopromadze, Imereti

11. Dimis Ferdobi, Imereti

12. Mshvenieradze Winery, Imereti

13. Makaridze Winery, Imereti

14. Family Winery Nagutnebi, Imereti

15. Bagrati’s wine, Imereti

16. Mirianis Marani, Imereti

17. Minadze’s Cellar Phersvi, Imereti

18. Lasha Guruli's Cellar – ENKENI, Imereti

19. Marani GD Wine, Imereti

20. Alapiani’s Marani, Kakheti, Kartli

21. Alexander's Wine Cellar, Kakheti

22. Anapea village, Kakheti

23. Winery Tilisma, Kakheti

24. Artanuli Gvino, Kakheti

25. Kortavebis Marani, Kakheti

26. Mikheil Madzgharashvili Cellar IVANURI, Kakheti

27. Malati, Kakheti 

28. Burjanadze-Shanidze Wine Cellar – Qvibari, Kakheti, Imereti, Kartli

29. Lomtadze's Marani, Kakheti

30. Kolagis, Kakheti

31. Makharebeli winery, Kakheti

32. Goderdzishvili Family Cellar, Kakheti

33. Ilto’s Valley, Kakheti

34. Wine Well, Kakheti

35. Vazha Getiashvili's Wine Cellar, Kakheti

36. Marani Iora, Kakheti

37. Wine House Gurjaani, Kakheti

38. Kerovani, Kakheti

39. Dano Winery, Kakheti

40. Levanis Marani Akhmeta, Kakheti

41. Martiashvili’s Cellar, Kakheti

42. Zurab Kviriashvili's Vineyards, Kakheti

43. Kondoli Winery, Kakheti

44. Doctor's Bio Cellar, Kakheti

45. Tedo’s Marani, Kakheti

46. Lagvani, Kakheti

47. Akhmeta Wine House, Kakheti

48. Patara Marani, Kakheti

49. Juso’s Winery, Kakheti

50. Vellino, Kakheti

51. Manavi Wines, Kakheti

52. Chitos Gvino, Kakheti

53. Kasreli, Kakheti

54. Matiashvili’s Cellar, Kakheti

55. Artana, Kakheti

56. Iases Marani, Kakheti

57. Nadelebi, Kakheti

58. Bakurtsikheli, Kakheti

59. Georgian Wine Heritage, Kakheti

60. Mannas Wine, Kakheti

61. Okros Wine, Kakheti

62. Naotari, Kakheti

63. Robis Marani, Kakheti

64. Nikalas Marani, Kakheti

65. Ghvardzelashvilis Cellar, Kakheti

66. Lapati, Kakheti

67. Martali Wine, Kakheti

68. Chortaulis Vineyards, Kakheti

69. Andria's Gvino, Kakheti, Imereti, Kartli

70. Khvtisia Wine, Kakheti

71. Our Wine, Kakheti

72. Do Re Mi, Kakheti

73. Charekauli, Kakheti

74. Aleksi Tsikhelishvili Wine Cellar, Kakheti

75. Chona’s Marani, Kakheti

76. Davit Gremelashvilis Marani, Kakheti

77. Pheasant’s Tears, Kakheti

78. Goga Ankas Marani Gaprenili, Kakheti

79. Jakeli  Wines, Kakheti

80. Mushkudianis Marani, Lechkhumi

81. Tamani Marani, Lechkhumi

82. Tariel Lomtadzes Marani, Racha

83. Kereselidze Wine Cellar, Racha

84. Pataridzi’s Rachuli, Racha

85. Niabis Marani   Shida Kartli

86. TD Winery          Shida Kartli

87. Samtavisi Marani   Shida Kartli

88. Tedzami Wines,    Shida  Kartli 

89. Sherma Family Winery,  Shida Kartli

90. Giorgi Revazashvili,  Shida Kartli

91. BUA WINES   Mtskheta- Mtianeti

92. Unari             Mtskheta- Mtianeti

93. Gotsa Wines  Kvemo Kartli

94. Angura            Kvemo Kartli

95. Demi`s Winery   Kvemo Kartli

96. . Gabrielis Wine Kvemo Kartli





Wineries of Other Countries


1.            Wineri Kabaj                                                 Slovenia                   

2.            Clos du Tue Bœuf                                        France 

3.            Domaine de L'Octavin                                 France 

4.            Domaine Mosse                                          France

5.            Domaine Marcel Lapierre                           France

6.            Arianna Occhipinti                                      Italy

7.            Vino di Anna                                               Italy

8.            La Stoppa                                                    Italy

9.            Denavolo                                                     Italy

10.         Cascina degli Ulivi                                        Italy

11.         Fonterenza                                                   Italy

12.         Cellar Escoda-Sanahuja                               Spain (Catalunya)

13.         Mendall                                                        Spain (Catalunya)

14.         Les Cantarelles                                             Spain (Catalunya)

15.         Oriol Artigas                                                 Spain (Catalunya)

16.         El Regresso                                                   Spain

17.         Bodegas Cueva                                            Spain

18.         Sete Castro                                                  Spain

19.         Christian Tschida                                         Austria

20.         Weingut Maria und Sepp Muster                Austria

21.         Franz Strohmeier                                         Austria

22.         Boomerang Wines                                       Australia

23.         Yoigokochi Sake                                           Japan


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