Georgian natural wine in Paris
Georgian natural wine in Paris


On February 11 and 12, 12 wineries from Georgia participated in the RAW Wine Paris natural wine festival in Paris. Winemakers from almost all of Europe, Australia, and America came to the festival, organized by the famous master of wine, Isabelle Legeron.

Traditionally, the National Wine Agency of Georgia supports Natural Wine Association member wineries to participate in this important forum of natural wine producers. The Agency aims to raise the profile of Georgian wine, find new trade partners, and establish it in the global market.

Levan Mukhuzla, the head of the Agency, was present at the festival held in Paris, the capital of France. He said that wine professionals, importers, and media representatives from many countries of the world gather at such exhibitions, which is important for the growth of the export potential of Georgian wine.

Georgia’s extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador to the French Republic, Gocha Javakhishvili, also visited the Georgian stands at the exhibitions.

The following wineries from Georgia participated in Paris RAW Wine 2024:


“Andria’s Wine”

“Artana Winery”

“Demi’s Cellar”

“Do Re Mi”

“Iora Winery”

“Jakeli Organic Wine and Vineyards”

“Lomtadze Cellar”



“Vejini Wine House”


According to Georgian winemakers, this year’s RAW Wine Paris was different from last year. Visitors to last year’s Paris festival were usually wine enthusiasts and lovers. However, this year, wine professionals prevailed.

People interested in natural wine came to the festival not only from France, but also from the USA, Canada, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, and other countries.


According to the winemakers participating in the Paris festival, this year (especially on the first day of the festival) there was a real boom in visitors to Georgian wine stands, which is related to two issues. It is clear that the organizers of RAW Wine Paris 2024 have made this event much better and have given voice to many professionals. In contrast, such an unprecedented crowd at the Georgian stands may have been due to the fact that so many samples of Georgian wine have rarely been presented together at one event in France.

It should also be noted that the Georgian wine presented at RAW Wine Paris was exceptionally healthy and perfect in terms of wine varieties, and this was recognized not only by the guests of the festival, but also by wine professionals.

The final results of RAW Wine Paris 2024 will be revealed soon, when it will be known how many wineries were able to export their wine to Europe or America as a result of the deal. Negotiations and verbal deals are commonplace at such festivals, and European wine festivals are, among many other reasons, interesting for Georgian winemakers who produce natural wine.

The festivals organized by Isabelle Legeron, called “RAW Wine”, are held in many cities around the world (Copenhagen, London, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, New York, Tokyo, and others). Only wineries that are members of the Natural Wine Association from Georgia can participate in them. The members of the Association take care of the vineyards only according to organic rules, and they do not use industrial additives and impurities in the wine.


Levan Sebiskveradze