Amerimeri 2023 - Evaluations of the Festival
Amerimeri 2023 - Evaluations of the Festival


 On December 2, the traditional natural wine festival Amerimeri took place in Tskaltubo, organized by the Natural Wine Association and supported by the National Wine Agency of Georgia. Amerimeri was held in Tskaltubo for the second time. The number of visitors to the festival almost doubled compared to last year - from 500 in 2022 to 800 in 2023.


At the festival, wine samples from almost every region of Georgia with winemaking traditions were displayed. The abundance of wines from Kakheti, Kartli, Racha-Lechkhumi and Imereti was expected, but the recent emergence of wines from Samegrelo, Meskheti, Mountainous Adjara and Guria was a delightful surprise for the festival guests. In these parts of Georgia, wine has always been a part of the culture, and these traditions have not been lost. The increase of wine cellars and the aspiration of the farmers to bottle their wines indicate a promising future.

Amerimeri took place in the city of Tskaltubo for the second time. This year, the festival had a record number of wineries participating. More than 70 wineries that produce only natural wine offered their wines to Georgian and foreign guests. These winemakers follow the standards and rules introduced by the Natural Wine Association, which are essential for making natural wine.

The wineries participating in the festival had the opportunity to sell their wines. The guests interested in wine could also buy small quantities of wine at a reasonable price. However, the main goal of the wineries participating in the festival was to establish contacts and make agreements with foreign exporters who sell Georgian wine.

It is worth mentioning that there are already many wine exporters working in the Georgian market, and Georgian wine, which varies by regions and varieties, is not a new thing for them. It is a fact that Georgian wine is well-known in Europe, Asia and America, and it is not only appealing to the fans of exotic drinks.

Zura Topuridze, Winery “Iberieli”: “As you can see, Tskaltubo has become a place where people can come to enjoy a beautiful environment, taste truly unique and rare natural wines and learn about the trends in Georgian winemaking. Here you can taste wine, buy it and establish long-term business relationships with winemakers.”

Ramaz Nikoladze, “Nikoladze Wine Cellar”: “This festival is special for me as an Imeretian. I think it is important to involve the regions in various events, not just the capital. I am very happy that Amerimeri is already a well-known festival and it has earned a place on the map of Georgian wine.”

Tako Zhuruli, “Zhuka-Sano Wine”: “We decided to make wine and join festivals because we met people who made amazing wines and we were inspired! They are wonderful people - they influenced us so much that we wanted to follow them. Then we started learning about viticulture and winemaking, we worked day and night in our own vineyard and cellar, we read a lot, attended trainings, and naturalism became our philosophy and lifestyle. Now it’s a very natural thing for us, it’s just how we live.”

Lasha Khvedelidze, “Juso Winery”: “Our winery participates actively in all the events that promote the development of Georgian wine and the recognition of small wineries. It is a good chance to present our new wines, as well as to exchange our experience with other winemakers and wine experts and, most importantly, to establish business relationships with potential wine exporters and buyers.”

Zaza Mushkudiani, “Tamani Winery”: “It’s a wonderful day. I am glad that I am also participating in Amerimeri. This is a learning opportunity for us and a better way to explore new possibilities. We produce Tsolikouri grapes, which are grown in Lechkhumi. The wine is made in the European style. The wine is dry, white and fragrant. We planted the vineyards a few years ago and started the construction and arrangement of the cellar. Despite the global pandemic period, we did not give up and still pursued this project to the end!”

Father Gabriel (Khomasuridze), “Gabriel’s Wine”: “If you want to learn what real wine is like and meet the people who make these wines, Amerimeri is probably the best place for that. You will find all kinds of people here. But everyone shares the love and appreciation for natural, i.e. real wine!”

Wine lovers who attended the festival met some of the winemakers participating in Amerimeri for the first time. Most of the new winemakers are not trained in winemaking, but they all have passion and ambition to present their wines properly. Every winemaker wants to exchange information, share experiences, learn about future plans and, most importantly, meet people who are interested in wine, and this is the main purpose of holding the festival. The Natural Wine Association will come back to wine lovers in the spring of 2024 with its main festival - ZERO COMPROMISE!

Levan Sebiskveradze