Khvtisia Wine

Khvtisia Wine

Wine cellar  Khvtisia (Khvtisiaant Marani) is located in the village Kardenakhi, which is in Gurjaani region, Kakheti, East Georgia. Vineyard is laid out in the Kardenakhi`s  Akhoebi. Biologically clear wine is made in wine-jars from the two varieties of grape Rkatsiteli and Saperavi. (We use only natural and ecologically clean specimens; wine itself is made without any additional specimens, with traditional Kakhetian methods in wine-jars.) Our aim is to get involved in the process of wine making and also in the care of vineyard as minimal as we can. 

Our wine-cellar was founded in 2015. We own 1 hectare vineyard and we have two varieties of grape Rkatsiteli and Saperavi.

Adress: I. Noneshvili str, Kardenakhi, Gurjaani

Tel: +995 577 220525


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