Simon Chkheidzes Caller

Simon Chkheidzes Caller

The company was founded 2005 and since has been directed by the children of the distinguished late winemaker Simon Chkheidze, Nugzar and Mamuka Ckheidze. Located in Imereti region in the village of Obcha, they have gradually planted vineyards including Tsolikouri, Tsitska, Krakhuna, Chkhaveri, Aladasturi, and Otskhanuri Sapere grape varieties across their estate. Their goal is to sustaintheir family’s traditions and to make a small contribution to the development of natural viticulture and winemaking in Georgia.

Vineyards are planted at 220-280 meters above sea level, which is recommended for the grape varieties mentioned previously, on southern-facing slopes of alluvial-carbonic soil, 10-12 kilometers from the main motorway.

According to laboratory analyses, we periodically treat the soil with organic fertilizers (humus, BactoFert), and the vines are treated with organic preparations. As a result, the wines are considered an ecologically clean, organic product.

It is important to mention that the Otskhanuri Sapere grapes are planted in the “Olikhnari” method, which means that each vine is trained up and attached to a separate wooden post, making the use of metal or wire in the vineyard unnecessary.

Fermentation and ageing of wine occur in kvevri, after which the wine is bottled in glass and stored in a special cellar, where the temperature varies between 10-16 degrees Celsius.

White wines are produced in the Imeretian method, meaning that only the juice of the grapes is fermented and aged in kvevri; whereas rosé and red wines are fermented with the addition of the skins (no stems) during initial alcoholic fermentation for 3-4 days and nights, after which they are racked off the skins and fermentation continues only in the juice. Purification of the wines occurs through a natural precipitation of sediment and frequent racking from one kvevri to another, during which sulfur is only used in the form of a burned sulfur paper. The result is a delicate, harmonious and balanced wine.

Currently the company is interested in the resurrection of near-extinct grape varieties, both locating and replanting for use in single-variety and coupage wines.