Kortavebis Marani

Kortavebis Marani

Kortavebis Marani is located in eastern Georgia in Kakheti, in the village of Gremi in Kvareli Municipality, near Gremi Fortress. This particular region is considered to be one of the best zones for viticulture-winemaking and high-quality wine production (Kindzmarauli Zone).

Our cellar exists since 2014. We own 2 ha. of vines, one section of which is planted as a collection of rare grape varieties. In our vineyards of both wine and table grapes (total - 70 varieties), we use only natural and ecologically viable preparations; likewise, wine is produced without any additional processing or preparations, in the traditional Kakhetian method - in kvevri - or in the European method - in kvevri and in oak barrels. At the present time we have three types of wine: white dry - Rkatsiteli, white dry - Kakhuri Mtsvane, red dry - Saperavi. We are planning many experiments, including different coupages/assemblages, etc.

Address: Kvareli, Village Gremi

Telephone: +995 599 358 017, +995 599 542 001

Email: bidzinka@yahoo.fr

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kortavaswine