Papari Valley

Papari Valley

Vineyard is situated in micro zone  Papris  Mindvrebi, village Akhasheni, Kakheti. The overall area of vineyards is 9.3 hectares: 80% Saperavi;  20% Rkatsiteli;

     Wines  are  produced by Kakhetian method. Fermentationis finished by naturally occurring yeasts. No artificial intervention in process is made.

  Terrace System of Qvevri: First and second terraces are placed in the zone of marani, and the third one in the basement. Transfusion of wine from one terrace to other happens by gravity force, without electromechanical pumps. Wine “Qvevri, 3 terraces, Qvevri” is produced using three terraces of qvevris.

      Production is made according the criteria of bio technology . The vineyard has been under surveillance of CAUCASCERT Ltd (operator code: CC-AB-104) 

Papari Valley

Address: Papari Valley, Village  Akhasheni, Gurjaani Municipality, Georgia

Telephone: 599 17 71 03


Web Address: Valley