Natural Wine Association

The NWA is a union of viticulturists and wine-makers who exclusively follow organic or biodynamic methods.


‘Natural wine’ implies the following:


1.  Viticulturists and wine-makers plant and cultivate their vineyards according to the rules and requirements of organic farming. They look after the environment and try to create the most self-sufficient ecosystems possible in their vineyards.

2.      Viticulturists and wine-makers do not employ methods or means of making wine which could change its natural and organoleptic characteristics.

3.      Viticulturists and wine-makers acknowledge the vital contribution of terroir to the production of a wine, and attempt to reveal its specificities.

4.      Wine labels used by viticulturists and wine-makers must always honestly and fully describe a wine’s origins. 


Our association aims to support and encourage the development of organic viticulture and wine-making in Georgia in order to achieve the following:


  • Foster healthy and viable vineyards and ecosystems for future generations.
  • Enable wine lovers to experience wines that have maintained all the natural aromas, flavours, alcoholic content, liveliness and specificities of their grapes and terroirs.
  • Through the use of the association’s logo as a guarantee of quality, create a recognizable symbol which will represent the association’s members and their wines and serve as a guarantee of their commitment to organic viticulture and wine-making.

15 August 2017


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